Frank Larkin

United States Senate Sergeant at Arms, SAP National Security Services (NS2), Lockheed Martin Defense & Intelligence Solutions Senior Program Manager, JIEDDO SES Deputy Director for Operations-Intelligence, Raytheon Director-Program Management, USSS SES Deputy Assistant Director and Chief Technology Officer, USSS Assistant Special Agent in Charge-Technical Security Division, USSS Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge-Presidential Protective Division, USSS Congressional Fellowship-Office of the Director, Office of Congressional Affairs, Maryland State Police Aviation Division, Homicide Detective, EMT-Paramedic, United States Secret Service Special Agent, U.S. Navy SEAL.

Robert Stephan

Director for Domestic Protection Planning/Senior Director for Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection, Executive Office of the President. After Action reviews for National Capital Region to include Presidential Inaugurations, Presidential funerals, State of the Union addresses, World Bank meetings, etc. Acting Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications. Acting Under Secretary for Preparedness. Special Assistant to the Secretary and Director, Interagency Incident Management Group.  USMC Mission Assurance policy developer. Navy Mission Assurance Risk Management System (MARMS) developer. Consultant for Mission Assurance Division (MAD). Planner for USAR and CBRNE CONOPS. U.S. Airforce Colonel.

Dale Norwood

Nuclear Security Systems, Waterborne Surveillance Technologies, Legislative Liaison for Military and Sea Port Technology, Emergent Repair and Long Term Sustainment including Legacy Systems Evaluation, Upgrade Analysis, Coordination and Sustainment Planning, Wiring Diagrams, Remote Tactical System Programs, Liaison between Private Industry, U.S. Government and Foreign Government Program Managers, Industrial Codes Citing, Personnel Reliability Program for Nuclear Weapons Security, Master Electronic Maintenance Technician, Defense Acquisition University Executive Business Certified.

Matthew Lynch

Risk Assessment and Compliance, Operational Security and Logistics for Foreign Heads of State, managed multifaceted United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Operations Center, Global Security Program Planning & Execution. Liaison with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, U.S. State Department, elected officials, the IRS and ICE. Coordinated/Directed Presidential-Directed National Special Security Events (NSSEs), security consultations with senior government and corporate representatives to North America, South America, Middle East, European, African and Asian delegations. Special Agent for the Presidential Protective Division, Secret Service Representative to the DEA, FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force. United States Secret Service Special Agent.

Paul Werries

Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGROUP), Vulnerability Assessments on sensitive U.S. government and military facilities worldwide. United States Coast Guard Office of Counter Terrorism and Special Missions, High visibility Joint Special Operations, Security details for U.S. Ambassadors, DOD High Risk SERE Training Coordinator, Surveillance Detection techniques and Facility Analysis for the U.S. State Department at U.S. Embassies abroad. U.S. Navy SEAL.

Mike Rush

UAE Presidential Guard Command, Army Corps of Engineers Geospatial, First Responder for Natural Disasters, Critical Infrastructure Layered Information Command Platforms, Military Terminal and Anti-terrorism Plans, USAF Air Advisor Support Program, Counter IED, Combat Casualty, Cultural Immersion, CNBC Technologies and Response, Coordination for DOJ and CIA, Navy SEAL Warrant Officer Development Group. USSOCOM and JIEDDO.

Will Dewilde

Team Leader and operative deployed with several Special Operations Regional Survey Teams (RST), specializing in infrastructure threat assessments, analyzing for and recommending personal security improvements for American and foreign interests abroad. Former Navy SEAL Command Master Chief (Senior Executive), Senior Enlisted Advisor (SEA) to the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGROUP). Former SEA to the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) for current operations.

Mark Milicich

Developed the DHS Infrastructure Liaison Office (ILO) and held first (ILO) position. Provided assessment training for Presidential Inaugurations, Nuclear Security Summits, National Governors Association Annual Meetings and OpSail. Led the DHS, IP, Regional Resiliency Assessment Program (RRAP). Conducted Security and Resiliency Assessments at critical infrastructure sites across the U.S. Trained TSA Personnel to operate checkpoints at National Airports. Combat Controller for United States Air Force and Naval Special Warfare Development Group. ASIS International, Certified Protection Professional.

Fredrick Kolberg

Medical Assessments & Equipment, 18D (Delta) Special Operations Medic, Combat Medicine, Critical Response, Rural Border Patrol Operations, Trauma Training FX, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Combat Tactics/Trauma Medicine, ATA TACMED Controlling Facilitator, Executive Protection Detail Medical Support, Disaster Relief Executive, Certified in Training Under NRAEMT, Master Training Specialist and Navy SEAL.

Cliff Fenske, Jr.

Former Owner/CEO of California Motorcycle Company, CFO of Indian Motorcycle. Currently a Certified Public Accountant in private practice specializing in construction and non-destructive testing equipment manufacturing and service companies.  Part owner of Xscell Corp.

Russel Christe

Harbor Master (Certified), USJFCOM, Certified EOD, Critical Nuclear Weapons Design, Maritime Interdiction Force, Virginia Beach Police Sergeant, Army CW5, Navy SEAL.

Bill Mills

Board-Certified Protection Professional (CPP) through the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) and an active member of the local FBI sponsored INFRAGARD Infrastructure Security group. Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment Technologies Regional Resiliency Assessment Program. Army Ranger & Navy SEAL.

David Fies

Ice Rink Repairs, Ultra-Pure Ice Paints, Sport Ice Resurfacing, Design and Construction of main stay ice facilities. Qualified Project Manager and Logistical Expert. Ice Arena Corpse Storage procedures and operations. 

Timothy Langan

Security Threat Assessments, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning Technology Integration, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, Surveillance/Counter Surveillance, Former Police Officer, Former Marine Logistics / Helped to establish, train, and served as Scout for the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT aka SWAT) El Monte, California.

Bill Cooper

Route Analysis, Automotive Marketing “Ride and Drive”, Advanced Road Racing, Precision Driver in Film and Commercial Work, Twenty-Seven Years at Bob Bondurant High Performance Driving, NASCAR, Vietnam Navy Veteran.

David Gengenbach

California Sheriff Deputy, Route Analysis, Professional Racing with NASCAR, Baja 1000 and Rally. Commercial Truck Driver with Hazmat Endorsement. SODI Tactical Driving, OGA Operations, High Desert Operations Center (HDSOC) for SOC-SMG Lead Driving Instructor, WPSIII, DOE.

Joel Aud

Regional Surveillance Architectures and Autonomous Surveillance Platforms, Web 2.0 Structures and Best Methods, Dynamic Risk Assessment Models (DRAM) and Methods, Social Media Analysis Methods and Solutions, App Development and Deployment, Senior Telemetry Systems Design Deployment Process and Analysis, IoT Components Infrastructure and Integration, Cyber Security, UAV-based Data Collection, CBRNE Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources Qualified.

Chris Forrest

Safety & Compliance Procedures and Antimicrobial Efficacy for the FDA, Quantitative Risk and Vulnerability Investigations, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Drafting, Red Cell Scheduling and Operations, Countermeasure Development for Detection, Disruption and Curtailment of Terrorist Threats, Surveillance Detection and Counter Surveillance Implementation and Operations. Navy SEAL.

Hershel Davis

Adversary Operations Threat Assessments, Surveillance Reviews and Operations, Small Arms Options for Site Specific Areas, Counter Terrorism Team Abroad, Federal Agency Counter Terrorism for Asian Theater, Risk Management, DuPage College Law Enforcement Academy Adviser. Master Chief SEAL.

Richard Dodds

USMC Colonel, Marine Law Enforcement, Police Officer, Detective, Traffic Accident Investigations, Defense Hazmat and Waste Handling, Senior Security Manager Desalinization, Police Transition Adviser, Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (EOD), Lincoln Group Country Manager, Civil Intervention Force, Department of Defense Civil Police Assistance, Engineer Officer, Engineer Support Battalion, Environmental Services Division, Emergency Response and Incident Command for Hazardous Material Incidents Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Marcus Alden

Waste Management, Grant Writing, Naval Information Systems and C4ISR, Licensed Mariner, Enterprise Information Architecture, Business Efficiency Analysis, Risk Mitigation, Public Relations and Technology Specialist, Department of Defense Security Product Development, R&D Prototype Operational Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Maritime Force Protection Unit, Operational Waterborne Assists, PATCOM, Unwarranted Encroachment, Tactical Deployments Support to Ballistic Missile Submarines (SSBN), Department of Defense National Operational Capability Inspections, Solid Curtain/Citadel Shield, Coast Guard Evaluation Doctrine, Material Conduction Assessment, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Hazard Communications. 

Kirk Kennedy

Aviation, Naval, and Ground Vehicle Weapons Assessments. Worked with every major contractor/corporation around the world related to defense.

Dennis Daroczy

Conducts Area/Port/Facility Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVA), (CIVA), (CNOIVA), (PIVA) and MSRAM Reviews. Point Missed and Technical SF Communications, Plume Modeling Atmospheric Assessments. Airplane and Helicopter Pilot.  Navy SEAL Lt Commander.